Week 6 Answers

Special thanks to Alan Wickenton for providing the quiz and collating the results each week.


Tirhatuan Golf Club Lockdown Quiz Answers – Questions 17-20

Question 21:-.  Heat – Fuel – Oxygen

Question 22:-. What do the colours of this flag represent and to which country does the flag belong?

Question 23:-.  

(a) What woman in English folklore inspired this statue?

(b In which English city would you find this statue?

Question 24:- The photos are of Bradford vans that were built by the Jowett car company.


This weeks winner is Toni Brendan Power

Winners by week

Week 1 - Toni Russell  

Week 2 - Paul Storey

Week 3 - Martin Vanderpas

Week 4 - Toni Russell  

Week 5 - Toni Russell  

Week 6 - Brendan Power

Overall winner Toni Russell with a total of 31 points.

Alan you can have the week off.

Thank you for participating.


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